Impact of the technology on Packing Moving Industry

Impact of the technology on Packing Moving Industry

Impact of the technology on Packing and Moving

Since the Industrial Revolution, we have made progress by leaps and bounds. Technology has not only made our lives easier but also enhanced the standards of living. In consumerism, technology has played an important role. With the advancement of engineering and Information Technology, the services have become more consumer-centric, leading to consolidated buyer-seller relationships.

Technology on Packing and Moving

Packing and moving are not untouched by technology. Though it’s more of a mechanical job, the cutting-edge technology has enhanced customer experience and reduced the effort and time. Now, shifting across the globe appears no more a gigantic task. In fact, people working in multinational corporations on average make a move in one to three years.

Packing and moving is a composite task requiring a lot of effort, time, and resources. Without proper management and skill, one cannot shift from one place to another smoothly. Moreover, shifting sometimes brings a toll on your pocket depending upon the volume of the luggage and the distance to be covered. As the technology is fast reaching within everyone’s reach, the delivery process of packing and moving has taken a pace.

Even the customers now with their smartphones can make quick selections about the packer and mover they want to hire. They can view the ratings online regarding a service provider. On the other hand, the packer and mover company can make a fast response and address their issues quickly and effectively.

How technology proves a boon to the packing and moving industry in Lucknow?

  1. Apps and web portals: Nowadays, the internet is a common thing. Almost every person has got a smartphone connected to the internet. He no more needs to go through the newspapers to know about the Packers and Movers Lucknow. Companies reach their customers through online portals and mobile apps.
  2. Online Cost Calculator: The web portals of the packer and mover companies are integrated with the moving cost calculator. It has given more independence to the customers and enhanced their decision-maker power in the decluttering and the packing process.
  3. AI & Chatbot: Since the integration of artificial intelligence in the service sector, customer support has been enhanced. By the use of a chatbot, multiple queries can be handled at the same time.
  4. IoT & tracking: The maximum delays in the logistics sector occur due to the communication gap between different stages of service delivery. IoT enables tracking in real-time of the package by the use of sensors and automatic information sharing.
  5. Digital transaction: Packers and movers fully support digital modes of transaction like debit cards, internet banking, and UPI for faster payment. Digital payments are more secure than cash payments and can be done over a large distance within a few seconds.
  6. Rating recommendation: The use of Machine Learning has upgraded the customer online searching experience. The search engines nowadays automatically suggest to the customers the packer and mover with high ratings. Like
  7. Customer review analysis: The use of Natural Language Processing on customer reviews helps the companies improve their service standards and check the errors in supply chain management.
  8. GPS enabled route: Packer and mover companies use GPS technology in their vehicles. It provides the shortest route with the minimum traffic. GPS also helps locate and track the vehicle and enhances customer support service.
  9. Biodegradable packaging: The advancement in biotechnology has given rise to alternatives to plastic packages. The use of sustainable materials like bagasse and bioplastic in packaging will greatly reduce the carbon footprints released from the packing and moving processes.


The relocation industry is quickly adapting to the changes in the field of technology to fulfill the relocating ambitions of its customers. With each advancement in technology, they are better able to manage huge volumes of luggage with more safety in less time. But, the story does not end here. In fact, this is the beginning. With more penetration of artificial intelligence in the near future, people shall be able to make the move without the use of manpower.

The most common mistakes people do while hiring a packer and mover

Shifting to a new place is a delightful experience. But, it comes with the job of transporting all your belongings to your new location. Packing and shifting is a chain of events where you’ve to pack all your belongings in multiple boxes, take them through the uncertain traffic, and finally unpack and rearrange them at your destination.

The most common mistakes people do while hiring a packer and mover

No matter how good you are at planning, it can bring a toll on your valuable time and derail your lifestyle. At this point, packers and movers come to your rescue. However, selecting the right packer and mover is crucial so that your shifting does not invite unforeseen events like stress, assets loss, and delays.

Following are the common mistakes done by customers while hiring a packer and mover:

  1. Starting too late to hire: This is one of the most common mistakes that people do. Planning is an essential element of shifting. Without a plan, you don’t have clarity of thought regarding what should be done when. You may overlap or misplace the steps involved in the shifting process. Many people decide to do the packing before selecting a packer and mover. Starting too late to hire can put the packing and moving companies at an advantage. They tend to raise their charges per box seeing you under pressure and in haste to move. So, consulting and hiring a packer and mover should be the first step in your shifting process to better optimize your packing.
  2. Not visiting personally: This is the most critical factor that decides your chances of success in the negotiation. When you meet the packer and mover company in person, this shows that you’re serious about hiring a packing and moving company. This puts him in an obligation to offer you a comfortable ambiance. This boosts your confidence and places you in a higher position to place your word. On the contrary, sorting out the negotiations on the phone or a social media platform isn’t fruitful. For the managers on the other side of the phone call, you’re just another person calling them to know the general cost of packing and moving and not interested in hiring one. They tend to reply using readymade answers and are reluctant to change their price.
  3. Beware of fake companies: When an industry appears profitable, many new players come to the field for extracting profit. In this attempt, many fake brands run their services with names and logos similar to those of the big companies. These companies have no standards of service delivery and are unauthorized under IBA and other regulating authorities. Beware of such companies as they are more prone to committing scams.
  4. Not asking for hidden charges: The tactics used by the company managers is to confuse the customers by repeatedly using a complicated lingo. The customer, on hearing such a language becomes overwhelmed and is not in a position to put a counter to the dealer by questioning the terms and policies. So, before hiring a packer and mover inquire about the hidden costs.
  5. Not buying insurance: Packing and moving can pose a risk on your belongings, especially on large distances. It’s a duty to ensure that the company you trusted doesn’t damage your luggage. You can get sorted by choosing the company that provides an insurance policy on damage, loss, or theft. Not buying insurance can lead to irrecoverable monetary loss.
  6. Looking for a low quote packer and mover: This is the most crucial step in the entire process as the packing and moving service providers are the ones who have to perform throughout. Hiring a cheap service can cause you to lose in the long run. The kinds of losses include poor service, casual behavior, scams, mismanagement, loss of assets, thefts, and no insurance claims.


Mistakes are a part of learning. However, if the cost associated with a task is significant, you should try your best to avoid it. Hiring the right packer and mover is like winning half of the battle. By keeping in mind the above mistakes, you can smoothly make a shift towards a new life.

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